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About ODBC Socket Server

ODBC Socket Server is an open source database access toolkit that exposes Windows ODBC data sources with an XML-based TCP/IP interface.
It was developped by Team FXML (fxml@excite.com), and has became "UniversSQL", a commercial product (http://www.sidespace.com).
With this project, we hope that at least you find the code and documentation of odbc socket server, and why not keep on developping and improving it under the GPL licence!!!.

The main uses of this toolkit are:
  • Allows Linux, UNIX, Macintosh, or any other TCP/IP capable OS to access ODBC (or OLE DB) databases running on Windows systems. For instance, you could have a Web data-warehouse application with a Linux web server running Perl and all your data on MS SQL Server.
  • Allows small-databases such as MS Access to be accessed across TCP/IP networks


  • Base distribution includes 32-bit multi-threaded Windows Service (runs on 98, 2000, and NT) and clients written using COM (Windows C++), Perl, PHP, Python, and C++(Linux). All include source code.
  • Well documented XML communication protocol
  • Released under the GPL.

Additional Information


  • ODBC Socket Server doesn't support transactions. The server disconnects after a query, so it is "impossible" to do transactions. The dbtcp Project is a system with a similar functionality than odbc socket server (but not based in XML). With dbtcp, this is the client who disconnects, not the server, so in theory transactions are possible. It would be nice to mix both technologies. :_)