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Team FXML (original author of ODBC Socket Server) has created the following other open-source software:

ODBC Socket Server
ODBC Socket Server is an open source database access toolkit that exposes Windows ODBC data sources with an XML-based TCP/IP interface. Go to the original ODBC Socket Server home page.

The fXML XML Parser
fXML is a multi-platform XML parsing toolkit that includes James Clark's Expat and its own, less rigid, XML parser.  It wraps both parsers in a user-friendly C++ object model (with COM wrappers on Win32) that allows the fast, easy parsing of XML documents. ODBC Socket Server uses fXML as its XML parser. Go to fXML's home page.

Web-to-speech gateway
Ever wanted to have people talk to you over the Internet?  Well this perl script gives you the web-based front end to the Festival speech package. Using this tool, you can set-up a web page that asks you for some text, and then says the text that you input over your PC speakers. The implementation we distribute is tailored to the FXML parrot, but you can easily configure the script otherwise. Go to the web-to-speech gateway.